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It was an extraordinary group of artists and vendors who became the 2016 Wagon Mound Art Fest.  It is not easy to inspire guests to make the journey to the village, travelers to cross the railroad tracks.  Thank you all for your kindness, creativity and stamina.  A very special thanks to Michael Keating editor of the Vietnam Veterans of America Veteran Magazine.  For a tiny little project in a frontier village to be so honored as Michael has done and continues to do, it humbles one.  It is a tale worth sharing.  Thank you veterans for your visits to Wagon Mound.  Thank you brother John, Leroy, Banjo and all.

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Rene Rosa

Rene is vice-president and co-founder of A Veteran Affair. Being a self-taught artist, she writes essays, poems and has a manuscript screaming for time and attention to be completed.

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