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705 :: A Wagon Mound Story :: 2017 Summer Project

705 Railroad Ave – Wagon Mound, NM

Read the exceptional journey (that’s only begun) from this past summer project entitled “705” from Rene.

It is the story of strength, growth, friendship, family, hard labor, sweat and tears! It’s the story of kids, teens and young adults who have stepped to the plate to rebuild an old broken down adobe, to bring the building back to life hoping to inspire a village to care about its ‘downtown’ avenue.

Through new friendships, determination and hard work, both on the job and in their hearts, they are creating a special space where they belong together shared with the veterans of the region.

Read our story…

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Rene Rosa

Rene is vice-president and co-founder of A Veteran Affair. Being a self-taught artist, she writes essays, poems and has a manuscript screaming for time and attention to be completed.

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