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2019 Wagon Mound Art Fest

To reach the Village of Wagon Mound nestled under the Mound Mesa, one must traverse the grasslands of the Jicarilla Apache. Rising above the prairie, from any direction in any season, the volcanic mesas known as the Cornudos Hills are a magical sight. The village has a fire department, school, city hall, one church, two gas stations, a community garden, about 120 lived in homes, 300 residents, history, dilapidated adobe structures and an art center project.
Sponsored by Springer Electric Cooperative, the veterans’ art project hosted its 3rd art fest on Railroad Avenue May 25th and 26th. The art fest was quite small but those who participated and those who journeyed – some from afar – were the best of the best.
Artists exhibited astounding watercolors, oils on canvas, acrylics, woodcarvings, welded metal artistry, basket weaving, wood crafts, jewelry, fabulous hand drawn maps of ranches, maps of the states and regions. It was a lot of work – one never knows if one has the strength to host a fourth art fest. hum…

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Rene Rosa

Rene is vice-president and co-founder of A Veteran Affair. Being a self-taught artist, she writes essays, poems and has a manuscript screaming for time and attention to be completed.

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