About Us

This endeavor is:

A Veteran Affair Educational Center for Arts and Culture

Centro de Educación para Artes y Cultura

A New Mexico state non-profit

Our mission  …  to assist in the transition between military and civilian life and recovery from the traumas of war through education, expression, and appreciation of the arts.

This mission statement was drafted in the middle of a night long ago after hearing of the suicide of a young Marine who had served with our son.  Unable to find respite from the despair of hopelessness, too many who have served have taken their own lives.  Too many contemplate such action.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that our own inner strength is beautiful and powerful.  Life is the most precious gift.  Sharing in the trauma which is a result of man’s inhumanity to man has given rise to our efforts to help others hold onto hope, express themselves and appreciate the gift.  We know it is not always easy to do.  Peace is a feeling.  Take a deep breath.    Rene – vp       


Our board president is a veteran of the Vietnam conflict.  His decades long partner is vice-president and co-founder.  Parents of military veterans, both are self-taught artists.  Other board members know well the physical, emotional and psychological issues veterans of all wars must endure.  We dwell in a frontier region of Northeastern New Mexico where reside one of the largest percentages per capita of military veterans in the country.