Oppression on the inside is invisible.

When despair descends, when joy seems elusive, when beauty is obscured by depression… to whittle on a stick… to paint lofty clouds within hues of cobalt blue… to mold soft clay on a potter’s wheel… to write a poem… create a garden… squeeze a waltz from accordion keys

…in a quiet safe haven… in brief moments of calm… healing can begin.

Quite a lady of the wild west, 705 Railroad Avenue is one of the oldest commercial buildings remaining on the village main street.  Built as a cantina between 1884-1900, her exterior is 25′ wide and 85′ long.  She survived the flood of 1906, the tornado of 1930, at least two fires of closely adjacent buildings and decades of neglect.  After lengthy negotiations the historic adobe structure was acquired for use as an art center for veterans and future movie house for the village community.  The challenging project to save her, to restore her to operational use, to leave a lasting legacy is underway.  

We cannot accomplish this dream without your help and your support.

Deeply appreciated contributions may be sent in the form of bank checks to:

A Veteran Affair

P.O. Box 153

Wagon Mound, NM 87752

for information contact:

Monetary gifts to this endeavor have never been nor will ever be used for personal purposes.

We are at this time seeking a new fiscal sponsor and will update asap.